Lesson Review

Basic Movements

Select the Arrow to view real dancers, select Words for animated dancers Date Taught
Dancers Naming 09-14-2023
Circle Left09-14-2023
Forward and Back09-14-2023
Do sa do09-14-2023
Promenade family09-14-2023
Allemande Left09-14-2023
Arm turns09-14-2023
Right & Left Grand family 09-14-2023
Star family09-14-2023
Star promenade09-14-2023
Pass thru09-21-2023
Split the outside couple 
Half sashay family 
Turn back family 
Courtesy turn09-14-2023
Ladies chain family09-14-2023
Do paso 
Lead right09-14-2023
Right and left thru09-21-2023
Grand square09-14-2023
Star thru09-21-2023
Circle to a line 
Bend the line09-14-2023
All around the corner 
See saw 
Square thru family 
California twirl09-14-2023
Dive Thru 
Wheel around 
Thar family 
Shoot the star 
Slip the clutch 
Box the Gnat 
Ocean wave family09-28-2023
Alamo ring09-28-2023
Pass the ocean 
Swing thru family09-28-2023
Run family09-28-2023
Trade family09-21-2023
Wheel and deal family09-28-2023
Double pass thru 
1st couple go left next couple go right 
Flutterwheel family 
Sweep a quarter 
Veer family 09-14-2023
Trade by 
Touch a quarter09-28-2023
Circulate family09-14-2023
Ferris wheel 
Turn Thru 
Eight Chain Thru 
Pass To The Center 
Spin The Top 
Centers In 
Cast Off Three Quarters 
Walk & Dodge 
Slide Thru  
Fold Family 
Dixie Style To An Ocean Wave 
Tag Family 
Half Tag The Line 
Scoot Back 
Hinge Family 
Spin Chain Thru 

Plus Movements

Select the Arrow to view real dancers, select Words for animated dancers Date Taught
Acey Deucey 
Tea Cup Chain 
Ping Pong Circulate 
Load The Boat 
Peel Off 
Linear Cycle 
(Anything) & Spread 
Spin Chain The Gears 
Track 2 
(Anything) & Roll 
Follow Your Neighbor 
Fan The Top 
Explode The Wave 
Explode And (anything) 
Relay The Deucey 
Peel The Top 
Diamond Circulate 
Single Circle To a Wave 
Trade The Wave 
Flip The Diamond 
Grand Swing Thru 
All 8 Spin The Top 
Cut The Diamond 
Chase Right 
Dixie Grand 
3/4 Tag The Line 
Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears 

Square Dance Lessons on Video courtesy of Saddlebrook Squares -Tucson, AZ