KSD Club ByLaws






The purpose of the Kennesaw Square Dealers shall be entertainment and fellowship of its members through the study and practice of Western Style Dancing (Square, Round, and Line Dancing).  Hereafter, “Kennesaw Square Dealers” shall be referred to as “the club”.



Section 1

                Membership shall include those persons sixteen (16) years of age and older, who hold a certificate certifying that they have completed a course of study of  “Mainstream Square Dancing” taught by a person or persons who is a member of a recognized caller association, and who maintain a current status of dues.  Members participate in club functioning by providing food and/or drink items and by assisting on a rotating basis with kitchen duties during dances.  Officers are excluded from kitchen duties due to other responsibilities during dances.

Persons under sixteen (16) may be members of the club if they have met the above course of study.  Members under sixteen (16) must be accompanied by their parent or guardian and are required to act responsibly and always show good manners to persons visiting the club and to their fellow dancers.  Members under the age of 16 years will not be required to bring a food or drink item for the dances.  Minor members who are children or grandchildren of dues paying members are not required to pay dues and are considered non-voting members of the club.

Section 2

                All club member applicants shall complete and sign the “Membership Information Form”.  All students registering for class shall fill out a “Membership Information Form”.   When a student graduates from a mainstream class and requests membership in the club, they shall sign and date the “Membership Information Form” thus indicating their desire to become a club member and be included in the club roster.  All applications for membership shall be subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

Section 3

                Members who have maintained continuous membership for fifteen (15) years may be considered for Life Membership.  Life Membership is an honor bestowed on long-standing, active members who have contributed and donated much effort and time to the club.  Life Membership is not a yearly or required award, but is at the discretion of the Executive Committee as to whether a Life Membership will be awarded.  Only one Life Membership may be awarded during any given year to a member or member couple.  If a member is voted Life Membership by the Executive Committee and approved by club membership, the member will be presented with a “Life Member” bar, usually at the end of the Executive Committee’s term, and will no longer be required to pay dues while retaining all other membership duties and privileges.

Section 4

If a member violates the Bylaws of this club, the Executive Committee shall recommend to the full membership a vote of expulsion from the club at a regular business meeting.  If any member of the Executive Committee violates or bypasses the Bylaws of this club, the Advisory Committee as set forth in Article IV shall review and recommend to the full membership a vote of expulsion from the club. Any person so expelled shall be refunded any prepaid dues excluding the current quarter.


Elected Officers, Principle Duties, and Authority

Section 1


                The President shall preside at all Dance, Business, and Executive Committee Meetings and is responsible for the general management and operation of the club.  This does not include management of the details of each office.  Each officer will determine methods used to best fulfill the duties and obligations of his respective office.  The President shall ascertain that a majority of those present at any Business Meeting are in good standing.  The President is responsible for appointment of committee chairman for all committees recommended in Article V that the Executive Committee deems necessary.  The President and the Executive Committee shall determine when changes to the Bylaws are needed.  When it is considered necessary to make changes to the Bylaws, the President shall appoint a committee chair to review the Bylaws and make recommended changes to the President for presentation to the club membership.  The president shall have the authority to spend or authorize others to spend up to $100.00 per club function without it being brought before the membership for voting approval. 

Section 2


                The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence and shall, with approval of the previous Nominating Committee and the club membership, succeed the President in the event the President does not fulfill his duties or term in office.  The Vice President shall be responsible for maintaining current membership information as stated in Article V and shall coordinate the ordering of badges (including dangles) with the treasurer.  Badges for new members will be considered to be paid for with the funds of the first dues payment of the new member.  This shall include graduating Mainstream students desiring to become club members.  The Vice President shall also be responsible for square dance classes provided by the club.  Duties shall include operation of the classes, diplomas, and any graduation exercise or ceremony.  The Vice President shall closely coordinate all activities and operation of classes with the President. 

Section 3


                The Secretary shall record the complete and accurate minutes of Business and Executive Committee meetings reflecting all input and opinions. In the event of absence, the Secretary shall arrange that a substitute member be available and prepared to record minutes in his or her stead.  The Secretary shall provide a copy of all minutes of Executive and Business Meetings to the Executive Officers and shall also make approved copies available to the membership should they desire to read them.  The Secretary shall keep on file the master copy of the Rules and Bylaws and any amendments and prepare amendments thereto as they are approved.  The Secretary, through coordination with the Vice President and Treasurer, shall maintain a current membership roster. 

                The Secretary shall renew annually the club’s memberships in Georgia State Square Dance Association (GSSDA) and Metropolitan Atlanta Square Dance Association (MASDA).  The Secretary shall provide appropriate notice to the Metropolitan Atlanta Square Dance Association (MASDA) as to the club’s activities prior to the deadline date for publication of the Footnotes.  The Secretary shall also provide notice to the Georgia State Square Dance Association (GSSDA) through their publication of the Dixie Crier.  The Secretary shall ensure that the Kennesaw Square Dealers are registered and listed in the National Square Dance Directory.

Section 4


                The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of dues, dance admission fees for non-members, and student fees at the classes; accounting and security of funds; and payment of expenses.  The Treasurer shall maintain a table at the entrance of all dances and class sessions for the collection of admission fees for guests or students and of membership dues.  The Treasurer shall prepare the appropriate certificate for those visiting clubs which have one square (8 dancers) or more in attendance and shall prepare an attendance roster at each dance for use by the President during that evening’s announcements.

                The Treasurer shall pay all regularly occurring expenses, such as caller’s and cuer’s fees, rent, stationery, duplicating costs, postage, refreshment supplies, and all such items for the Decorations and Entertainment Committees as the Executive Committee approves.  The Treasurer shall maintain enough cash for making change, day-to-day expenses, and miscellaneous costs.  This amount will be set by the Executive Committee.  The president and one long-standing member (more than ten years membership) who shall be appointed by the Executive Committee shall be listed as signatories in addition to the treasurer on the club banking account, and shall have no authority to affect or alter the account in any manner except to sign checks in the treasure’s stead.  The treasurer shall retain in his/her possession and shall be responsible for the safekeeping of the club checks, financial records, dues journal, and account ledgers.               

                The Treasurer shall keep an accurate and correct accounts ledger of funds, expenses, and payment of membership dues.  A member who is more than one quarter behind in dues shall be notified by the Treasurer that dues need to be brought current.  Thereafter, if dues payment is not received, the Treasurer shall notify the Secretary to remove members not current from the membership roster.  The Treasurer shall be prepared to ascertain whether a quorum is present at any Business Meeting.  A quorum shall be one third (1/3) of the membership in good standing.  The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report at the close of each calendar quarter and at the conclusion of term in office and shall ensure financial reports are filed with club account records, with copies given to the President and Secretary and made available to the membership.  The Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice President (see Article V) shall work concurrently in maintaining a current and correct membership roster, and a copy of the same shall be kept with the master copy of these Bylaws.

                A Finance Committee shall be established and chaired by the non-Executive Committee member who is appointed by the Executive Committee and designated the third signatory on the club banking account.  The Finance Committee shall be  composed of no less than six (6) club members, including at least one other long standing (more than ten years membership) member and shall be subject to the approval of club membership.  The Finance Committee shall review the financial records at the conclusion of Treasurer’s term of office and at other times that may be determined necessary.

Section 5

                When married members are elected officers, each may be considered as a co-officer.  Co-officers shall share the duties and privileges of their office equally, each wearing an officer’s badge.  However, only one President and one Treasurer shall be authorized to sign the checking account.  Any two individual members may be co-officers, if elected by the club, or a person may serve alone.  At the end of office term, outgoing officers shall meet with, train, and advise their respective succeeding officer and transfer all club property and documents.


Executive Committee

                The Executive Committee shall be composed of all officers as provided for in Article III.  They shall have such power as is granted herein and that which is inherently necessary in the exercise of their duties, except those which must be approved by the membership during a Business Meeting.  The Caller and Cuer may be advisory, non-voting members of the Executive Committee if requested to act as such by the Executive Board.  If the Executive Committee requests their input, both the caller and cuer shall be asked to advise: one shall not be requested to advise without the other.  The Executive Committee shall locate, when necessary, a caller, cuer, and/or hall for approval by the membership.  At the start of a new Executive Committee’s term of office, as soon as feasible, the dance calendar and themes shall be set (with consultation given to the class caller regarding class dates) and the designated required committee chairs shall be appointed for the upcoming dance year (see Article VI, Section 3).  The forthcoming plans shall then be communicated to the membership, caller, and cuer.  The Executive Committee shall establish new committees as deemed necessary.

                In the event of circumstances that find the Executive Committee in conflict or in violation of the Bylaws of this club, an immediate membership meeting shall be held for the establishment and selection of an Advisory Committee.  The Advisory Committee shall be composed of a minimum of ten (10) volunteer club members, including long-standing (more than ten years membership) members.  The Advisory Committee shall then review and resolve the issue(s) as stated in Article XI.


Committees and Chairs

                The following committee chairs shall be appointed by the President:  Decorations Committee, Entertainment Committee (special entertainment at dances or outside functions), Host/Hostess Committee (kitchen, refreshments), Nominating Committee, Publicity Committee (promotions; greetings; contacts with outside media, radio, newspapers; etc.), Recruitment Committee, Telephone Committee, and Visitation Committee (visitation schedule, banners).  The Vice President shall chair the Membership and Badge Committee and the “Lucky Bucks” split-the-pot tickets Committee.  The non-Executive Committee member designated to be the third signatory on the club banking account shall chair the Finance Committee (see Article III, Section 4, paragraph 4).  The President shall appoint a Bylaws Committee Chair when changes to the Bylaws are needed.  Club membership shall appoint an Advisory Committee when necessary as set forth in Article IV, paragraph 2.  Appointed committee chairs may be co-chaired by married members.  Committee chairs may select members of their committee.


Dances and Meetings

Section 1

                Dances shall be held on a regular schedule at least twice in each month and on such other occasions as voted on by the club membership.  Regular Dances may be cancelled by majority vote of those members present at a Business Meeting.  Dance nights and times may be altered as circumstances dictate with approval of club membership.  The caller shall conduct a Square Dance Workshop for thirty (30) minutes prior to the beginning of regularly scheduled dances.

Section 2

Business Meetings shall be called by the President, who shall prepare and present an agenda for the meeting, and shall be held monthly at the conclusion of the first dance of the month as frequency will ensure issues are addressed in a timely and brief manner.  When the President calls a Business Meeting, the membership shall be notified and the meeting shall be held immediately following a regular dance.  A Business Meeting may be called at other times if circumstances dictate that urgent action by club membership is required.

While all Business Meetings shall be as brief as possible, a full discussion will be allowed on each motion.  An issue shall be tabled if the discussion becomes long or the comments are many.  The President, concluding that an issue is controversial, may call for a ballot vote to be conducted during the next Business Meeting and assign the Treasurer or Secretary to prepare the ballots.  This is optional and at the membership’s discretion.

Amendments to the Bylaws or a change in the regularly recurring club expenses shall be approved at a Business Meeting by a majority vote of members present after notification to the full membership and after determination that a quorum is present (see Article III, Section 4, paragraph 3). 

Section 3

                Executive Committee meetings are held at the discretion of the President, but at least quarterly.  Actions taken by the Executive Committee require a majority approval of the Executive Committee Members (club officers) whether present or not with each officer receiving one vote.  In the event of a tie vote when there are Co-Presidents, the Executive Committee will revote with only one of the Co-Presidents voting as a tie-breaker.  In the event of a tie vote when there is only one individual serving as President, the President will abstain and the Executive Committee will revote without the President casting a vote.  The Treasurer shall give a financial report at each Executive Committee meeting.


Election of Officers

                Election of officers shall be at a regular Business Meeting with reasonable notice to the membership.  All members in good standing are eligible to hold office.  The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of potential officers to the Executive Committee before June.  During the first club Business Meeting in June, the floor shall be opened for additional nominations for office, and nominations for office shall be accepted from the floor.  Election of officers shall then take place by majority vote of the membership present.  New officers shall be installed in their respective offices at the first Business Meeting in July and shall serve a term of one year or until their successor is elected and installed.  No more than two consecutive terms may be held by any officer.

                In the event an office, or offices, is vacated during a term, the previous existing Nominating Committee shall be reactivated and shall appoint, subject to club membership affirmation, a club member(s) to serve until the next regular election.


Caller and Cuer Fees

                Regularly occurring expenses include, but are not limited to, the Caller’s and the Cuer’s fees.  These fees shall be paid at each regularly scheduled dance.  These fees shall be recommended by the Executive Committee and voted on by the club membership.  The Executive Committee shall negotiate all financial arrangements for special dances, workshops, and classes which shall be voted on by club membership. 



                The President and/or Vice President shall initiate such action for the formation of classes each year on a date to be determined as appropriate.  Operation of such classes shall be the responsibility of the Vice President as stated in Article III, Section 2.  The fees for such classes shall be as determined by the Executive Committee and shall be approved by vote of club membership.  Members are encouraged to assist the class instructor and to be friendly and encouraging to potential new club members.  Each member shall encourage qualified dancers to join the club.



                A card or flowers shall be sent in the event of member illness, keeping the total cost within the $50.00 limit set by club membership vote.  In the event of the death of a club member or their immediate family, a card or flowers shall be sent, keeping the total cost within a $100.00 limit.  The Treasurer shall order the flowers or token.  Immediate family is defined as spouse, mother, father, or child.


Government by Majority

                These Bylaws shall govern all official activities of this club and may be amended by a vote of a majority of the membership present at a regular Business Meeting.  Any member may bring to the attention of the President activities not in compliance with these Bylaws.  If the member responsible for the actions of noncompliance is a member of the Executive Board, then an Advisory Committee as provided for in Article IV shall review the issue and bring it before the membership if warranted.  When any such notice is received by the President or the Advisory Committee, the President or the reviewing Advisory Committee shall call a Business Meeting at the next regularly scheduled dance to present the matter for discussion and to determine what, if any, action shall be taken.