Up-Coming Dances and Visitations

KSD Up-Coming Dances:
January 4 – KSD Happy New Year Dance and Graduation.  Shawn and DeeDee will entertain us for the evening!  Finger Foods, please.  Visitor rates go up to $7.00 this month.
January 18 – KSD Regular Dance.  Shawn Butler and Rita Mason will be on stage.  Finger Foods, Please.  Visitor rates are now $7.00.
Up-Coming Visitations:
January 5 – Wheel Arounds, New Year Dance, 
January 7 – Bartow Dixie Grands, National Championship “Play Off” Time.
January 11 – Cherokee Squares, Soup and Chili Dance.
January 12 – Danc’n Singles, Soup and Cornbread Dance.  
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