Up-Coming Dances, Visitations and Events


KSD Up-Coming Dances:

June 21st – 46th Happy Anniversary Dance.Shawn and Rita will be entertaining us from the stage.  Please bring Finger Foods for our table.
July 5 – Stars & Stripes Dance

Up-Coming Visitations:

June 22 –  Danc’n Singles, 
Favorite T-Shirt Dance, Casual Attire permitted.  
June 28 – Cherokee Squares, NoDance due to NSDC
July 1 – Bartow Dixie Grands, All American Hot Dog Dance
July 6- Wheel Arounds,  Regular Dance


Up-Coming Events of Interest:

June 26-29 — National Square Dance Convention from Wednesday afternoon  thru Saturday night.  SEE YOU THERE!

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