Up-Coming Dances, Visitations and Events


KSD Up-Coming Dances:
November 15 –  Thanksgiving Dance, with Shawn and Rita.  This will be our Thanksgiving Dinner, so bring sides for the holiday.  We are the first to offer a Thanksgiving dinner and we will probably have a good crowd, so be generous with our dishes. REMINDER: We no longer have a method of cooking any dishes in Center’s kitchen.  

November 29 – Black Friday Dance with Alan Hall as our guest caller, along with DeeDee Barge, as our cuer.  We will be at Mountain View CommunityCenter, as the Ben Robertson Center will be closed.  Be sure to bring Finger Foods to share with our guest, who will probably be starving after hunting for bargains all day! 

Reminder:  We will only have one dance in December, as the Ben Robertson Center will be closed to us on December 6, as they prepare for a visit from Santa.  Our Christmas Dance will be December 20th.  
Up-Coming Visitations:

November 16 – Wheel Arounds,  Thanksgiving Dance 
November 18 – Bartow Dixie Grands, Thankful Hearts Dance
November 22 – Cherokee Squares,  Thanksgiving Dance

November 23 – Dancin’ Singles,  Turkey with Trimmings Dance

Up-Coming Events:
November 29 – KSD Dance with Guest Caller, Alan Hall!  Come dance off the Black Friday Fatigue!  
November 30 – MASDA Dance, with Randy Ramsey and Frank Anderson.  Early Rounds 7:00 – 7:45, Mainstream/Plus 8:00 – 10:00. Visitors $7.00..

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