Up-Coming Dances, Visitations and Events of Interest.

KSD Up-Coming Dances:
May 17th – Regular Dance.  Shawn and Rita will entertain us.  Please bring Finger Foods for our table.  Will be at Mountain View!  
May 31st – Memorial Day Dance.  Guest caller Dan Mitchell, from Peachtree Squares will be on stage with DeeDee Barge as our curer!   Please bring Finger Foods for our table.  
Up-Coming Visitations:
May 18 – Wheel Arounds,  Regular Dance
May 20 – Bartow Dixie Grands, National Rescue Dong Day- Animal Crackers Dance.
May 24 – Cherokee Squares, Memorial Day Dance
May 25 – Danc’n Singles, Cancelled for Memorial Day
Up-Coming Events of Interest:

May 17 – KSD Club Meeting to be scheduled after the dance.  Please mark your calendars.  

June 25-29  National Square Dance Convention from Wednesday afternoon  thru Saturday night.  

68th National Convention’s Education Committee needs Volunteers!  If you are able to help with the convention by serving as a room host for a couple of hours during the convention, please see either Bill or Julie. We will need help from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 each day of the Convention from Thursday – Saturday, June 26 -29.   You could be a host for either an education session, or a sew and save workshop session.  Thank you to those of you who have already offered to help us!!
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