Upcoming Dances


September Dances:

September 29 – 5th Friday Dance with National Caller Nick Hartley. Aneesa Barge will be cueing.  All dancers will be $8.00.

October Dances:

October 12 – Kaleidoscope Dance with Colorful SongsShawn Butler and Aneesa Barge will be calling/cueing.  And YES, this is on Thursday night, so we don’t bump heads with the dance in Woodstock on Friday with Danny Weeks. 

October 20 – Western Dance Party with a Hotdog Dinner!  Our entertainment will be Shawn Butler and Aneesa Barge.

MASDA Dance at Mountain View:

        September 30 – Dance with National Caller Nick Hartley.  Anessa Barge will be cueing.  MASDA Member are Free,
 Visitors are $10.00 per person.

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